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Are you fed up of frozen food? Do you want to try something fresh and a little bit different? At Advait Fisheries, we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of the freshest fish and the most delicious seafood in Mumbai. So whether you are looking for a tasty treat for a quick supper, a family meal, or that special something for a show-stopping dinner, why not call in and see what we have? Give us a call on 9619291337 to find out more.

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We understand that not everyone is experienced in preparing and cooking fish and seafood. That's why our knowledgeable, friendly, and well-trained staff are happy to help. We aim to stock the widest possible range of fresh seafood and can assist you in selecting the right fish for your dish. For something quick and easy, why not take a look at our ever popular range of fish fillets? If you fancy some of our whole fresh fish, we are also happy to clean and fillet it for you if needed.

Spoilt for choice

Nothing beats the taste of some truly top quality fresh fish! That's why we get up at the crack of dawn to select the pick of the catch for you. And it's not just fish; we look for the best shellfish as well. Of course, this means that the choice we will have to offer you will vary daily and according to season. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we are always happy to suggest suitable alternatives.


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